Do you offer installation for purchased product?

Yes, we do offer installation at an additional cost. Please contact us on our toll free number for more information.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 10 day return policy in case of any manufacturing defect. Orders only billed in the name of Cravatex Brand Limited are eligible for return.

How can I get in touch with you?

For any product inquiry please write to us on or call us on 022-66667474 For any order related queries or doubts please write to us on

Do you offer warranty on the purchased products?

Yes, we do offer warranty on all our products. Warranty differs from product to product. Check the product page for more information on warranty.

Do you offer extended warranty?

Yes, we offer extended warranty if the customer wants it at an additional cost.

Do you have cash on delivery option?

Unfortunately, we do not offer cash on delivery option and all the purchases can only be done on 100% advance online payment

How do I return the product and what are the costs involved?

If for any reason the Equipment is returned, Customer has to agree to pay Cravatex Brand Limited a restocking fee of 20% of the sales price for the specific item. Customer should also agree to, that if Cravatex Brand Limited is charged for any non-qualification or related credit card fees on any credit card payment or transaction by Customer relating to the Equipment, Cravatex Brand Limited may immediately charge or debit Customer’s credit card in that amount. All returns must be in writing and confirmed by a Cravatex Brand Limited employee prior to a credit being issued.

What if the product is lost in transit?

In case if the product is lost in transit while shipping to your address, we will check our warehouse for stock and ship a fresh product to you as a replacement, else issue a full refund back into your account.

- If you want to do just a brisk walk on the Treadmill, you can buy it as per maximum user weight mentioned per product. - If you want to jog on the Treadmill, you will have to buy a Treadmill as per the maximum user weight in the house +10 kg. Assuming the user body weight of 100 Kg, then you need a treadmill with a minimum of 110 Kg of Maximum user weight. - If you want to run on the Treadmill, you will have to buy a Treadmill as per the maximum user weight in the house +20 kg. Assuming the user body weight of 100 Kg, then you will need a treadmill with a minimum of 120 Kg Maximum user weight.

How to decide which treadmill to buy based on maximum bodyweight?

For how long a treadmill can be used continuously?

DC motor treadmill can be continuously used for 30-40 minutes based on user body weight with 20 minutes of rest intervals. Whereas treadmill with an AC motor, can be used continuously.

What do you mean by inclination and why is it important in a treadmill?

An Inclination is a feature which gives an experience of climbing a Mountain while walking on the treadmill. Inclination is important if your fitness goal is to lose weight faster.

What is the difference between an elliptical and a cross trainer?

The elliptical cross trainer - also known as the elliptical trainer or elliptical is stationary exercise equipment which is used to for walking or running exercise on it. The creators of the equipment wanted to ensure that any movement required minimal coordination, and involved a maximum proportion of the lower body large muscle groups in order to help promote aerobic fitness gains and efficient fat burning. What they came up with was an elliptical or elliptic type movement, where the feet perform an ellipse, whose long axis is aligned roughly parallel to the ground.

How important is flywheel weight in an exercise bike?

In an exercise bike, the flywheel weight is considered to be the heart of it.The more weight of flywheel, the more comfortable and smoother the cycling experience would be. High resistance means – you will have to pedal harder and harder as the flywheel weight becomes heavier, which ideally means that size of the bike would be bigger which you wouldn’t want for your home. However, with a combination of optimum flywheel weight and Magnetic or Direct contact resistance you can achieve high resistance.

Does the bike have Heart rate sensors or Pulse sensor to measure heart beats?

Yes, all our machines come with a heart rate sensor.

What is Difference between Upright, Recumbent and Spin exercise bike and which one is good to use?

An Upright bike just like a road bicycle, seats you in upright position, whereas a Recumbent bike has a comfortable bucketed seat which allows you to rest your back against it and the pedals are out in front of you. The Spinning bike looks a bit like a mountain bike and is nearest to the real outdoor cycling experience. The Upright exercise bike is still the most popular one, but that maybe because people believe that it’s much easier workout on recumbent exercise bike. However, it is a misconception as anyone who has used a Recumbent bike will tell you, as they support the back and because your feet are level with your hips your blood pressure stays lower, so they can be a better choice if you suffer from high blood pressure. Spinning bikes are very popular in health clubs and gyms, used as a group exercise bike and are still perceived as professional gym equipment by many customers. However, now there are newly designed economical spinning bikes available for the home.

How high should be the seat on Exercise Bike?

Your seat height on upright bike should be adjusted up to your hip so that when you seat and place your leg on the pedal and your front leg is fully extended, there should be slight bend in your knees say 5-9 degree.

Do the exercise bikes contain transportation wheels for easy moving?

Yes, almost all bikes do contain transportation wheels for easy moving.

Does riding an exercise bike require electricity? Does it require external power? Or does the LCD display run on battery?

No, most of home use bike do not need electricity to operate. The LCD Display runs on battery provided. But some very high end and commercial exercise bikes need electricity.

Does cycling help to reduce belly fat?

Yes, it does help reduce belly fat. Belly fat is not simply a visual concern but a very big health problem since it increases the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Cycling on an exercise bike efficiently burns Calories and fat since you can alternate between cardio exercises and HIIT workouts and thus burn tummy fat faster. Moreover, the exercise bike also has amazing effects on your brain. It aids in reducing stress, which is one of the main factors that causes belly fat.